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Four strong brands; over 90 innovative products on display, of which 29 trend-setting world premiers; 10,560 m² of exhibition space; and more than 100 experts with application experience – these impressive figures characterise the presence of the Wirtgen Group at Bauma 2013 and clearly demonstrate the innovative strength of this company in the Road and Mineral Technologies sector.

Road Technologies includes technologies for road construction and maintenance. Mineral Technologies includes extraction technologies for mineral deposits and technologies for processing of raw minerals and recycled materials.

The Wirtgen Group of companies are globally active in the construction machinery industry, with four long-standing brands.


  • Wirtgen provides innovative solutions for road construction and material extraction, and for over 50 years it has been pioneering better performance on the job site for its customers everywhere in the world.
  • Vögele has more than 80 years of experience in developing and producing road finishing machines and is today the leading manufacturer worldwide.
  • Hamm offers a wide range of products for all segments of the earth-moving and road construction industry and stands for advanced machine and compaction technology.
  • Kleemann specialises in the erection of mobile crushing and screening plants.

The sophisticated parent plants of the four mechanical engineering specialists are all located in Germany. All of the plants have specialised expertise accumulated over many decades. The entire production process in each plant, from machine development to assembly and quality assurance, is specifically aligned to the corresponding product portfolio of the associated brand. 

The overseas production sites of the Wirtgen Group, located in Brazil, China and India, meet the same high standards for machine quality and production efficiency.

A single workshop for all brands of the Wirtgen Group

For the customers, taking ownership of a machine marks the start of a long-term service relationship. The team of experts in the Wirtgen Group customer service department are always available to answer any questions about the machines and their operation. The service specialists at the subsidiaries and distributors of the worldwide Wirtgen Group, as well as the teams in the parent plants of Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann, ensure short response times and quick solutions. Thanks to well-trained technicians and modern shop equipment, the subsidiaries are able to provide the full spectrum of reliable shop service. The range of services includes inspection, servicing and overhauling of machines, as well as repairs and corrective maintenance. 

In order to be able to meet all the service requirements, the shops are furnished with special equipment adapted to the machines made by Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann. Downtimes are minimised by the continual modernisation of the shops, high availability of all spare parts and wearing parts, sophisticated special tools, diagnostic software for fault analysis and optimised workflows. In addition, service centres close to customers, well-equipped service vehicles and the extensive expertise of the service technicians and specialists in the parent plants reduce machine downtime on the job site.

An OELCHECK universal five-sample kit 

Every job site is different and poses different challenges to people and machines. The machines made by Wirtgen Group never work under standard conditions, so they need lubricants and filters perfectly matched to actual conditions. Only lubricants that have been extensively tested by the Wirtgen Group are used for initial filling at the plant. Naturally, these engine, gearbox and hydraulic fluids, as well as the selected greases, are available for oil changes and relubrication. From the customer perspective, the lubricants that are used must ensure:

  • reliable compatibility with the initial filling; 
  • optimal wear protection; 
  • perfect corrosion prevention; 
  • traceability in case of damage; 
  • extended change interval after oil analysis.

For many years the company has been relying on OELCHECK service for lubricant analysis. A special analysis kit has now been developed for the Wirtgen Group. The silver-grey box holds five sample bottles with grey lids, sample sheets and envelopes. What makes it special is that every kit can be used not only for assessing oil from diesel engines, gear units or hydraulic systems, but also for diesel fuel as necessary. With the practical „OELCHECK / FUELCHECK box“, the operators and service staff always have the right tool at hand, regardless of whether the objective of the analysis is to determine the reusability of an oil, signs of damage, contamination, or the quality of a lubricant or diesel fuel. 

«Close to our customers» is the value proposition of Wirtgen Group to its customers. The new OELCHECK universal five-sample kit is the latest example of how this promise is fulfilled.

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