Local Donations instead of gifts for customers

For almost 2 decades, OELCHECK has been dedicated to strengthening projects in its home community of Brannenburg. With joy and openness for the various concerns, the management selects the associations and institutions that will be supported with a donation in the pre-Christmas season.

The family-owned company from Brannenburg thus continues its tradition this year of foregoing Christmas gifts for its customers in favor of these donations.

OELCHECK donates in 2023 a total of

€ 17,100.

We have been supporting projects with our donations since 2016 - here are this year's donation projects for 2023

Donation: TSV Brannenburg Triathlon

Mastering future challenges

OELCHECK is continuing its long-standing support of the triathlon department this year in order to provide the approximately 60 active young members with professional training in the triathlon sports of swimming, cycling and running. The ever-increasing entrance fees to the swimming pools present those responsible with major challenges every year - after all, the club fees should remain affordable for trikids and teens from all walks of life in the future.

OELCHECK is helping to tackle these challenges with a donation of €5,000. This means that the support, which has been in place since 2012, will continue in the future.

Donation: Inntalschule Brannenburg

The school is the ideal platform for prevention work

The Inntal-Schule Brannenburg is a special educational support center. The Brannenburg special education center focuses on learning, language, perception and emotional-social development. OELCHECK is donating €600 to Inntal-Schule Brannenburg for the "Chatting, gambling, cybercrime" workshop, which will cover topics including media addiction and self-presentation on social media. The workshop will be organized in 2024 by the experts from "neon Prävention und Suchthilfe" in Rosenheim.

Donation: Senior citizens' trip to the Wendelstein

Doing something good together

Senior citizens and people in need of care spend a lot of time in their homes and are often no longer able to go out on their own. That's why OELCHECK is organizing a safe and comfortable trip for 100 senior citizens to the Wendelstein, one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains between Chiemsee and Tegernsee, on Wednesday, 24 April 2024. The 30-minute ride on the cog railroad and the subsequent Weißwurst breakfast in the summit restaurant are sure to be an unforgettable experience! 

Senior citizens from the municipalities of Brannenburg, Degerndorf and Nußdorf are invited. The event is supported by Christliches Sozialwerk Brannenburg-Flintsbach e.V. and the Wendelsteinbahn. OELCHECK makes the trip to the Wendelstein possible with a donation of €4,000.

Donation: Catholic library in Brannenburg

Immerse yourself in a new world

The library is not only a place to borrow the latest books, but also to meet nice people, chat or browse in peace. Simply a space for encounters.

OELCHECK donates €500 to the Catholic library in Brannenburg to buy mangas for children and young people.

Donation: Brannenburg nature trail for the adventure station: "Animals by the stream"

Listen, observe and discover

The nature trail in Brannenburg leads through the Brandl along the Kirchbach stream. With the help of adventure stations and information boards, young and old hikers can learn more about their local nature in a fun way.

In 2012, OELCHECK made a generous donation of € 12,000 to help set up the nature trail in Brannenburg. Now the existing nature trail is to be expanded to include several new interactive stations.
As part of this expansion, OELCHECK is sponsoring the new "Animals by the stream" station. At the stream station, children will be introduced to the stream as a lifeline for various microorganisms. 

A wooden water slide will also offer the opportunity to scoop up and play with water using car tire buckets attached to a chain. With its donation of € 3,500, OELCHECK is helping to ensure that the nature trail in Brannenburg remains a great attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Donation: TSV Brannenburg

For sporting events

This year, OELCHECK is supporting TSV Brannenburg e.V. with a target arch that can also be used as an event tent. The inflatable and stable construction will support TSV Brannenburg at many sporting events in the coming years. 

All ten departments of TSV Brannenburg e.V. are delighted to be able to use a flexible event tent for competitions and club events in the future.

OELCHECK is supporting TSV Brannenburg e.V. with a donation of € 3,500 for this purpose.


Do you have questions about donations and OELCHECK?

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Phone: +49 8034 9047 161
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