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Beware: New coolant formulas since December 2023!

In the world of coolants, there are always new formulas and additive concepts. Many of them are driven by legislation to avoid environmental and health hazards.

Coolant and cap

In December 2023, a new regulation came into force that has a major impact on existing coolants.

According to the classification under Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP Regulation), from December 2023 every product containing ≥3000 ppm of the widely used additives based on 2-ethylhexane acid ("2-EHS") and its salts must be classified and declared as hazardous to health. (Rep. 1B & H360D May cause harm to the unborn child). Since this classification significantly tightens the protective measures when handling coolants, many coolant manufacturers have decided to change the formula.

But the solutions are rather varied. For instance, two coolants that formally meet the same specification may have a completely different structure in the future. This is particularly relevant for questions regarding the compatibility and longevity of coolants. 

Distinction between OAT additives such as 2-EHS is only visible with the Premium all-inclusive analysis kit (orange). 

OELCHECK therefore recommends carrying out incoming goods inspections with the Premium analysis kit and also revising purchasing specifications. The Premium analysis kit also includes the sample scope of choice for routine monitoring with regard to the current situation.