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With regular oil analyses, you can extend the periods between oil changes, detect damage early and reduce costs.

But have you considered your coolant?

Coolants ensure optimum heat supply and extraction, protect against corrosion, cavitation and deposits and prevent freezing at sub-zero temperatures.

If the coolant has altered significantly during operation, it is no longer able to fulfil its requirements to an optimum standard. This poses an immediate risk to your engine or system. Only regular analysis provides safety.

A total of four different analysis kits for coolant and anti-freeze agents (Basic 1, Basic 2, Advanced, Premium) are available. Within one working day, you will receive the key details on coolant condition, water quality, decomposition products, wear elements, impurities and additives. You will receive your lab report with a comment informing you of deviations and recommended measures.

You therefore are able to detect unsuitable coolants, prohibited mixtures or weakened performance, allowing you to prevent damage.

The new all-in-one analysis kits for coolants are the perfect addition for maintaining your engines and systems.