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Film shoot with Laura Kukuk: "This is why we love your reports!"

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On behalf of OCC, the classic car insurance company and in cooperation with OELCHECK, a video was produced with the background of explaining the added value of our all-inclusive analysis sets in the appraisal of classic cars in more detail. The main actress, Laura Kukuk, was supported and accompanied by Stefan Mitterer, our Managing Director of Service & Sales.

The classic car specialist Laura Kukuk, well-known from the media, visited OELCHECK for the first time for filming. The engineer of vehicle technology (B. Eng.) is on the road worldwide as a motor vehicle expert as well as a classic car expert. She appraises racing / sports cars and classic cars. OELCHECK analyses are also used in this context. Above all, the analyses are carried out on vehicle components such as the engine, transmission and differential in order to obtain a better overview of their condition.

During Laura Kukuk's visit, one thing could not be missing, of course: her own oil sample. This went straight to the laboratory. Cameraman Niclas von Glahn filmed the analysis process. The subsequent commentary on the lab report was provided by Stefan Mitterer. He not only guided the film team through the company and into the world of lubricant analysis, but also supported the evaluation of the lab report with his expertise. Laura Kukuk commented, "That's why we love your reports!"

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