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Health Day on the topic of “Nutrition”

The health of our employees is close to our hearts. Because only healthy and satisfied employees can give their best every day. For this reason, occupational health care plays a special role in our company. In addition to a modern fitness room and a wellness area with sauna and swimming pool, we offer our employees regular health days.

In cooperation with the KKH, we dedicate ourselves to certain topics (e.g. movement, mental well-being).

On 12 & 13 February, everything revolved around the important topic of "nutrition". In an active lecture, our employees informed themselves about a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, they were able to have their body weight, skeletal muscle mass and water and body fat content determined during an in-body measurement. They were then given an individual evaluation of their values and a personal consultation with recommendations for action.

During a nutrition course, the employees were able to discover food with all their senses. They deepened the theoretical knowledge about nutrition gained in the lecture with practical experience.

In order to support our employees with a healthy diet, we offer a wide selection of dishes for a balanced diet during lunch break.

Our popular special courses, which have already become an integral part of our health promotion programme, are also being expanded. After "Yoga" and "Healthy Back", running training will start in May. In order to meet the different fitness levels of our employees, we offer training in two groups (beginners and advanced).

In the future, we plan to offer further health-promoting measures. Only in this way can we ensure that our employees feel completely at home at their workplaces.