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Highest quality standards ensured even in Corona times

For more than 29 years, customers from all industries have appreciated the reliability and competence of OELCHECK - the leading laboratory for lubricant and operating fluid analyses in Europe. With our analyses, we provide in-depth findings on how to avoid machine breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs through scheduled repairs. This is indispensable in modern maintenance and servicing. 

Even in times of the corona crisis, our customers worldwide can rely on oil and operating fluid samples being carried out and evaluated in the usual quality. Outside the European borders we have created a system with our network of agents to offer and guarantee our service made in Germany worldwide. The samples of our customers from all over the world are processed with the highest quality standards. The worldwide presence of OELCHECK now extends to China, Russia, India, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan and Romania. Our customers in China have been trusting in the reliability and competence of OELCHECK since 2013.

As "Technical Support Manager" of OELCHECK, Carsten Heine is responsible for the growing network of agents as internal contact person.The Exclusive Agents act as independent companies. They advise the customers on site with their profound technical knowledge and organise the express shipment of the samples to Germany. Analysis and diagnosis is carried out by experienced tribologists in the OELCHECK laboratory in Brannenburg: Quality made in Germany. 

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