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Honoring a Legend in Tribology

Yesterday, during the opening ceremony of the 64th Tribology Conference organized by the Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V. in Göttingen, we had the immense pleasure of witnessing the prestigious Georg Vogelpohl Honorary Medal being presented to our founder, Peter Weismann.

GFT Georg Vogelpohl Honorary Award

The Georg Vogelpohl Honorary Medal stands as Germany's highest honor for distinguished individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of research, development, application, or dissemination of tribological knowledge.

Peter Weismann, a skilled Diplom Engineer, embarked on his career as a mechanical engineer and later assumed the roles of Sales Director of Technical Services and Export Manager at a medium-sized manufacturer of specialty lubricants. In 1991, he, alongside his wife Barbara, founded WEARCHECK GmbH, now renowned as OELCHECK GmbH, a leading force in oil and fluid analysis across Europe. As an independent expert and sought-after speaker, he shared his extensive expertise in lubricants and oil analysis.

Furthermore, he provided expert evaluations for court assessments and dedicated countless decades to lubricant standardization committees. He also actively participated in various research endeavors related to the development of online sensors.

Today, he continues to support OELCHECK GmbH in an advisory capacity. His current project is, among other things, the development of a CO2 online-tool to quickly calculate the reduction of CO2 emissions through regular oil analyses and thus avoidable oil changes.

He also enjoys spending his free time in the picturesque landscapes of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy and at exotic travel destinations around the world.

We congratulate Peter Weismann on this remarkable achievement, and we're immensely proud of his invaluable contributions to the field of tribology!