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From plastic to glass

New sample bottles for heat transfer oils

Heat transfer oils may be well over 100 ° Celsius when the sample is taken. The plastic bottles holding approx. 100 ml, which we previously provided as part of the OELCHECK all-inclusive analysis kit, are only suitable for oil temperatures of up to approx. 80 ° Celsius. Warmer oil may have led to the plastic bottles shrinking significantly or becoming deformed and thus unusable. 

You will therefore now receive our 100 ml glass sample bottles if you order our analysis kits 1 -5 for heat transfer oils. The glass bottles can withstand temperatures over 150 ° Celsius. Of course, you should take care to observe the usual safety guidelines for handling hot oil when filling the sample bottles. As well as the glass bottles, you will also receive a special box that protects the bottle from breaking in transit.

Label the filled glass bottles as usual with the barcode and send this to OELCHECK in the protective box along with the completed Sample Information Form in the delivery pouch.