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OELCHECK is new member of the environmental technology association - Umweltcluster Bayern e.V.

We are proud to hold the membership certificate in our hands since the end of April 2023. This is not a matter of course, because there is a kind of application procedure that companies interested in joining have to go through. For this purpose, the board of the association Umweltcluster Bayern decides - after a personal meeting - by board resolution on acceptance as a full member. Here, OELCHECK advisory board members Peter Weismann and Paul Weismann were able to convince the board accordingly, which resulted in a very quick acceptance.

The logo of the Umweltcluster Bayern

©Umweltcluster Bayern

The Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria, called ‘Umweltcluster Bayern’ is the Bavarian network of business, science, municipalities and municipal enterprises in the field of environmental technology.
The Umweltcluster Bayern is organized as a supporting association Umwelttechnologie-Cluster Bayern e.V. with over 200 members. It is supported by the nine Bavarian chambers of industry and commerce and funded by the Bavarian state government as part of the Bavarian Cluster Initiative.

The focus is on Bavarian environmental companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
In close cooperation with politics, research, science and industry, the work of Umweltcluster Bayern focuses on transfer, formation and strengthening of cooperations. The central task is the networking of companies and research institutions.

Umweltcluster Bayern bundles the competencies of its members along the value chain and develops environmental technology solutions from them. For example, the title "Umweltcluster Lighthouse Project" is awarded annually to a project that makes an exemplary contribution to the development of environmental technology in Bavaria.

The Umweltcluster bundles the competencies of the following areas:

  • Waste management & recycling
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Site remediation
  • Air pollution control
  • Energy from waste & biomass
  • Resource efficiency
  • Digitalization

OELCHECK is looking forward to contributing its experience and knowledge to this network and thus contributing to the solution of environmental challenges.