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OELCHECK laboratory upgrade

We are consistently investing in new automated analysis devices so that we can continue to fulfil our quality promise – analysis within one business day. As of late, a Mettler Toledo DP70 is in use at OELCHECK for determining the dripping point. The new device determines the dripping point with a video recording and simultaneous image analysis instead of by means of a light barrier. Two samples can even be analysed simultaneously.

Our laboratory is also equipped with another Metrohm photometer with autosampler with space for 96 samples. We currently have three in-house devices for the determination of the neutralization number. We can also perform the particle count according to DIN ISO 4406 with three automated particle counters. Each particle counter can assess over 100 samples overnight.

We recently also received an IMP Auto PQ for the automated determination of the PQ index, which makes it possible to measure 80 samples within 20 minutes. This “ground-breaking” automation is a tremendous help since all samples that are to be examined are subjected to this test. We are able to optimally cope with the increasing number of samples due to our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.


Drop point determination with video recording