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Sample data entry 3.0

Introducing OELCHECK's latest innovation – an App!

OELCHECK has just released an App to make entering sample data even easier. With this App, entering sample data is lightning-fast and very simple. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, a QR-Code and an OELCHECK all-inclusive analysis kit.

The new App's plus points:

  • Easy:
    You only have to enter the machine data once. From then on, the machine will always be detected automatically.
  • Fast:
    You only need to add a few details.
  • Modern:
    The data is entered via smartphone/tablet instead of pen and paper.
  • Efficient:
    Samples are always allocated to the right machine/component. The transfer of handwritten data, which was liable to cause errors, is a thing of the past.

 Download the free App:

- Apple App Store
- Google Play Store

In our full user guide, you will discover how to use the App in your regular sample data entry: View guide

If you have any additional questions, please call us on +49 8034-9047-250 or send us an email at sales(at)