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Soccer spectacle for the good cause

Peak Performer against Banana Flanker! On Saturday, 15.07., two celebrity teams competed against each other in the big charity match at the Sportpark Brannenburg and during the half-time break two teams of Munich and Regensburg children with handicap.

Paul Weismann and banana flanks mascot
Soccer spectacle LIVE image

Although 35 °C was measured in the shade on the day of the match, people were still kicking for all they were worth.

The "celebrities" included: Matthias Steiner, the Olympic weightlifting champion, biathlete Andi Birnbacher, the witty Luke Mockridge and soccer greats such as Stefan Kiessling, Jens Nowotny, Hanno Balitsch, Jens Lehmann, Benny Lauth, Gonzalo Castro Montilla, Sidney Sam and ex-professionals Sven Bender and Lars Bender from Brannenburg. 15 goals were scored, with the banana flankers coming off the pitch as winners with eight goals.

During the half-time break, the two children's teams then competed against each other. They proudly ran onto the pitch with the "celebrities" and could hardly be stopped from playing soccer. More than 1,000 big and small spectators cheered them on and cheered every time they scored a goal.

However, the soccer festival did not end with the final whistle. In the evening after the game, players, sponsors and VIP spectators met for a big auction. The auction raised more than €10,000. The proceeds from the soccer spectacle went to the Outpatient Children's Hospice in Munich. OELCHECK was one of the main sponsors of the event and supported the tournament with 6,000 € . OELCHECK Managing Director Paul Weismann and many members of the OELCHECK team were present on site.