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Green light for the new website!

Our old website has been a loyal companion for many years and was appreciated by customers, interested parties and partners alike - as an extensive reference book on oils, greases and coolants, as an information portal around OELCHECK and the all-inclusive analysis kits, as an archive for interesting lubricant stories and as a shopping portal.

We now published a new website that combines these positive features with an innovative design. Our website was extensively revised not only visually but also in terms of content and technology:

  • The clear design and the better arrangement of the elements ensure a clearer and more intuitive operation. This makes it even easier to find the desired content.
  • The distinct separation of the content of the individual components such as shop, Wiki, Newsroom and Stories of Oil leads you directly to your goal. You will find useful information about lubricants and fuels in our new OELCHECK Wiki. Visit our newsroom for the latest news from OELCHECK. All our customer stories are published in the category The Stories of Oil.
  • With the responsive layout, our website is mobile friendly. So now, the visit via smartphone or tablet becomes an experience.

We are pleased that you can now visit our recently completed website, which we have created diligently for several months. However, completed is not finished. We already have new ideas for the further expansion of our website. Moreover, of course, new content is published regularly in our Wiki and the Stories of Oil.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website! Of course, we are looking forward to your feedback, your suggestions, but also your criticism!