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Nobody knows OELCHECK better than our employees. And it‘s their honest judgement of our company in the latest employee survey of October 2018 that we have to thank for making us winners of the DREAM COMPANY Award again, which we first brought home in 2009.

This award recognizes companies which have distinguished themselves with an exceptionally employee-friendly and appreciative corporate culture. That OELCHECK meets this exacting requirement is amply demonstrated by what the people who work for us had to say.

And as far as they‘re concerned, OELCHECK is a company that its employees are happy to recommend to others! Among other things, they appreciate our excellent teamwork culture, our ideally equipped workspaces (including air conditioning), and the ready availability of all of the resources they need to perform their jobs to the highest standard. The socially-minded attitude taken by our management is also reflected in the social benefits that we provide for our employees. Special emphasis is placed on promoting health in the workplace, for example, with a gym and fitness courses, a sauna, and a swimming pool available, together with unforgettable annual team events and an accident insurance policy for every employee that also covers non-occupational accidents.

Thanks to the votes of our co-workers and the fulfilment of other criteria, OELCHECK will now enjoy the status of DREAM COMPANY for another two-year period. The results achieved by the company in the survey have improved consistently since its first edition in 2009, even while the number of people that we employ has doubled during this time. Meanwhile, we have achieved a fantastic overall score of 80% in the DREAM COMPANY Awards ranking. This is no coincidence, but instead impressive proof of just how much value we place on an employee-friendly and appreciative corporate culture. And this isn‘t just a matter of management either; our employees have their part to play as well.

At the end of the day, it‘s both dream bosses and dream employees that OELCHECK has to thank for its success as a dream company!