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30 years of OELCHECK: "Our concept is more up-to-date than ever."​

2021 OELCHECK will be 30 years young! In 1991, our business concept was still smiled at by many. However, more and more customers soon recognized the added value of professionally determined analysis values and their targeted diagnosis by a tribologist. Today, our all-inclusive analyses with the limits and warning values defined by us are one of the sharpest weapons to use lubricants and the components they lubricate for a longer time and much more sustainably. In this way, friction, oil and machine costs as well as CO2 emissions can be reduced, just as they were 30 years ago.

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New times, same arguments

We knew right from the start of our company: Only experienced tribologists can use analytics to make lubricants and operating fluids talk! And although "sustainability" was not yet a term in common parlance, it was already one of our key selling points. From the beginning, our maxims were: Only change the oil when the lubricant condition requires it and detect any wear of lubricated components at an early stage. In a nutshell, this still applies today and is more relevant than ever as sustainability.

Customer-oriented and focused on analytics

Over the years, OELCHECK has become the leading laboratory for lubricant and operating fluids analyses in Europe. The "OELCHECK System" with the all-inclusive analysis kits is without equal. Thanks to high customer satisfaction, the growth of our company developed a continuous momentum of its own. In contrast to the laboratories of lubricant manufacturers, we focus solely on our core competence: The assessment of lubricant and operating fluid samples analyzed in our laboratory. Our tribologists are constantly optimizing the statements on limit and warning values. The IT staff develops sophisticated procedures for easy sample entry and comprehensive output of analytical values. Our scientific staff, who is also highly appreciated in standards committees, is continuously improving our analytical methods and adapting our equipment to future requirements. 

The enduring strength of a family business

OELCHECK is a family business based in southern Bavaria, where two generations of entrepreneurs work together in harmony. Our customers value the constant neutral and independent appearance, which is always competent and customer-oriented. From the beginning, we never thought of shortterm success, but rather intergenerational success. Based on our family values, our vast know-how, and the enthusiastic commitment of our long-term employees, we continue to develop new solutions for our customers to improve sustainability while reducing emissions and costs at the same time.

Globalization: We grow with our customers

Many of our customers operate globally and, despite this, benefit from our services in whichever country they use their lubricants. They send their samples to OELCHECK in Germany and always receive the laboratory reports and diagnoses from a single laboratory, prepared by the same team of tribologists. This eliminates deviations and misinterpretations that often occur when the same sample types are tested by different laboratories. These determine values with different devices and, if at all, create assessments by employees with inconsistent levels of knowledge. The globalization of our customers is advancing – and we are also increasingly active for them worldwide.