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Our new Sample Information Forms are available to make your life easier now!

We have redesigned our Sample Information Forms. The content is arranged in a structured way to provide more clarity and quicker orientation. A more up-to-date design, with clear lines, makes reading the report intuitive. From now on, you will receive an all-inclusive analysis kit with the new-look Sample Information Form.


Tried and tested meets brand new

The new OELCHECK Sample Information Forms are divided into four clearly separated areas:

  • Sample information
  • Machine information
  • Customer data
  • Sample reference including adhesive barcode label with laboratory number

Perhaps you are already familiar with this clearer structure from our online portal It is now also available in printed form as a Sample Information Form. Your customer data and the scope of the analysis are usually already filled in.

The view might be unfamiliar at first, but you will certainly get to grips with the new Sample Information Form quickly. You will find your detachable sample reference in the usual place at the bottom of the form.

Online is still better than offline

Although we have improved our Sample Information Form for you, you can certainly still use to enter samples, as online sample entry is more efficient, easy and quick. As you as a customer will certainly appreciate this new service, we have come up with something else which is very special:

The OELCHECK-App for sample entry, which will shortly be available in your App Store.

If you enter your sample data online via or the App, use your new Sample Information Form as follows:

  • Stick the barcode from the form to the sample bottle.
  • Tick "Sample data has been entered online" on the top left.
  • Complete the sample reference and detach it.
  • Place the form as usual in the outer plastic compartment of your delivery pouch.

From universal to very specific

The new OELCHECK Sample Information Form can be used universally for any type of lubricant and any machine. However, for many uses, we recommend using one of our specialised Sample Information Forms. These request details regarding specific features which are not covered by the general Sample Information Form. 

Key information on our specialised Sample Information Forms:

  • Already available in the new design: lubricating greases, gas engines, gears, hydraulic systems, chillers, engines, compressors, wind turbines. (Additional information forms shall be available shortly, e.g. power stations, transformers, fuels, marine applications.)
  • OELCHECK's all-inclusive analysis kits are already being supplied with these specialised Sample Information Forms on request. Please indicate in your order whether you would like the new version.
  • The forms are also available to download on our website.

Whichever Sample Information Form you use – whether universal or very specific – you will find the new and improved design on each of them. So that you always know which form you have in front of you, these are labelled with appropriate symbols.

One form – all information

The front of our new Sample Information Form is not the only side that has a lot to offer! You will find all the information you need for handling your all-inclusive analysis kit on the reverse side:

  • A guide to data entry via App and
  • Instructions for sampling and sample labelling
  • Notes on packing and shipping
  • All are available in both German and English.

If you have any additional questions about our Sample Information Forms, please contact us by telephone on +49-8034-9047-210 or email at ta(at)