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Virtual and interactive: We are looking forward to the first OilDoc practice forum

The first OilDoc practical forum "Lubrication & Maintenance" will take place from 22 –  23.09.2020 as a virtual, interactive event – supported by OELCHECK.

Everything will revolve around the topics lubrication, lubricants, condition monitoring, maintenance & repair.

In lectures and video workshops, renowned speakers from the field will show different strategies to sustainably improve the maintenance, reliability and lubrication of your machines and plants. Experts from companies such as SKF, Hansaflex, IHA, BFS Fluidservice and Hydac, as well as leading lubricant manufacturers such as Fuchs, Elaskon or OKS will be present. The OilDoc practical forum is rounded off by a virtual trade exhibition.

For OELCHECK, Carsten Heine (Technical Support Manager) will give a lecture on foam formation in transmissions and will discuss causes and remedies in more detail. Marcel Giehl (Head of Internal Sales) will focus in his presentation on "Sampling and documentation as the basis of every successful oil analysis".

There will also be a live video workshop with Carsten Heine and Stefan Mitterer (Managing Director Service & Sales), where everything will revolve around the OELCHECK laboratory report. The aim is to understand the report and successfully derive measures from it.

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