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A different kind of knowledge transfer: Further education at Deutsches Museum

A different kind of knowledge transmission – this was the motto for the one-day event at which six OELCHECK employees participated. On the basis of models, our employees learned about the fascinating world of natural science and technology at Deutsches Museum in Munich. Company founder Peter Weismann talked joyfully and passionately about his experiences in the lubrication and operating fluid industry. The goal: To further develop the professional skills of employees in an exciting and professional atmosphere based on observation.

The mechanical engineer who had written his diploma thesis in the field of tribology also led interested OELCHECK employees through the departments for tool and power machines, shipping, ceramics and energy technology and vividly explained the importance of lubricants and other factors based on various rolling and slide bearings, worm, planetary and spur gears and their sealing as well as other factors that affect the oil and machine status. The visit to Deutsches Museum provided a special kind of practical knowledge transfer – all about the topic of oil.