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Thoroughly tested and now installed

New gas chromatograph for measuring fuels in engine oils.

OELCHECK determines the fuel content for all used engine oils from diesel, petrol and biodiesel engines. The laboratory report specifies the percentages of the respective fuels in % (m/m).

gas chromatograph
Principle of gas chromatography

Why determining fuel content is so important

Unburned fuel can always get into the engine oil during fuel combustion in the engine. However, if the engine oil contains too much fuel, its viscosity drops. As a result, the engine oil can no longer reliably provide the important lubricating film that protects the moving parts against wear.

Perfect measurement accuracy and efficiency

We carried out more than 1,000 test measurements in advance with the new gas chromatograph, whose sample carrier can be loaded with 150 bottles. The Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030 impressed us with its excellent results in terms of measurement accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. It is the first gas chromatograph from Shimadzu in the OELCHECK laboratory and replaces its predecessor. Of the four gas chromatographs in our laboratory, the new instrument is specialised in determining fuel content in engine oils. 

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